Life Group/Sermon Based Discussion Questions Week 2/Sermon Title: The Mountain Starts to Move

Week 2/Sermon Title: The Mountain Starts to Move

Discussion Questions

1. Who do you consider to be a person of great faith? Why?

2. Nehemiah had a passionate desire to return to his people and rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. To carry  out this dream required faith.  Read Nehemiah chapter 2. What logistics did Nehemiah need to have happen in order to accomplish his dream?

3. What were the evidences of Nehemiah’s faith?

4. Why did Nehemiah have to exercise his faith by waiting?

5. What risks was Nehemiah taking by asking the king for approval to leave his post?

6. In what ways had Nehemiah backed up his faith by being prepared for a moment of opportunity?

7. What groups of people did Nehemiah challenge?  Why?

8. How did Nehemiah deal with his enemies ridicule?

9. What are some of the challenges you are praying about?

10. What do you need to do to be ready to help make the answer to one of those requests happen?

Life Group Question:

Each PAC Life Group is encouraged to serve together in a service project during the course of this fall session-how could your service project be determined by caring and being passionate in the right area?