Life Group Discussion Questions/Advent/Week of December 14

What does Simeon’s Name mean?

What does Anna’s Name mean?

What was Simeon waiting for God to do?

What did Anna do when she saw Jesus?

What did Simeon say when he say Jesus?

Major discussion points for life application. Use your own knowledge of Scripture in answering and applying:

Simeon and Anna were faithful to God. God had promised Simeon that He would see the Messiah and he did! Simeon did not give up on God but waited patiently and went to the temple expecting to see the Messiah.

How can we be faithful to God as Anna and Simeon were?  What does it mean to have faith? Also what is the difference in having faith and being faithful?

Life Groups resume with our study of Nehemiah the week of January 11th


PAC Sermon Based Discussion Life Groups/Advent Sunday #1-Week of December 7, 2014

Bible Study & Discussion Questions for Week of December 7, 2014

Things You Should Know about the Virgin Birth:

1. Mary is not co-redeemer of souls but in fact just like us in that she was a sinner like all men and women. See Luke 1:47

2. Mary did not remain a virgin but had additional children.  See Luke 8:19-21

3. Mary was also from the line of King David. There is strong indication of the possibility in The Old and New Testaments.  See Psalm 132:11 and Luke 1:32

4. Mary was an example to others in regard to her faith.  See Luke 1:38

5. Though Mary was an example to others she is no better than others.  See Luke 11:27-28

6. Mary is a pure virgin-why was that so important? See Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 1:34-38

7. because of her role as Jesus’ mother, Mary soul was pierced.  See Luke 2:33-35

8. Mary not only needed to be delivered from her sin and accept her Son as Savior, but she waited for the arrival of the Holy Spirit and was filled.  See Acts 1:14

Sermon Based Life Group Discussion Questions/Week of November 16-22

Life Group Discussion Questions: Week of November 16-22

Sermon Title: Stop! Thief!

Discussion Questions:

1. What are some examples of selfishness you’ve observed this past week?

2. Read Nehemiah 5.  What were the people’s complaints that reflected selfish interests? What did the people want done differently?

3. Who were the opportunists in this situation? How do you know?

4. How did Nehemiah react when he heard these complaints? What do his reactions tell you about him?

5. What difficulties did Nehemiah face in confronting his own people?

6. How did he protect himself so he couldn’t be accused of being selfish or unfair?

7. In Nehemiah’s day, the people with money had the power to take advantage of others, and the poor people were devalued.  What parallels to this situation are there in our society today?  In our church?

8. Who are the people you are tempted to treat as less valuable than yourself?

9. What can you do to keep from taking advantage of others or devaluing them?

10. How can you emulate Nehemiah’s response?

Life Group Question: Each group is encouraged to serve together in a service project during the course of this fall session-how could your service project be determined by caring and being passionate in the right area?


No Life Groups will meet Thanksgiving Week  November 23-29.  Groups will resume the week of November 30th.